Working as a consultant, I wear multiple hats, sometimes all at once. I jumped into it with a "never say no" attitude and it's been a steep, but enjoyable learning curve. I'm greatful to the organizations and individuals who have trusted me with their vision and allowed me to showcase it here.

Portfolio Overview

Hoffen Project 2019 recap video

#theBKexperience wedding reception program

Hoffen Project 2019 recap video

#theBKexperience wedding logo


#theBKexperience wedding invitation


Hoffen Project 9-day countdown

#theBKexperience save the date video

LivingSpring welcome pamphlet

LivingSpring bbq flyer

Western Crusaders season start flyer

LivingSpring weekly bulletin

Young Minds 2018/19 program information booklet

Young Minds 2018/19 parent information booklet

Western Crusaders JV info night flyer

Western Crusaders program flyer

Giants program poster

Lions registration flyer

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Giants slogan poster

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Giants hall of fame card template

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